sO dO yOu EvEr ShOp At LiKe ThE TrUmbLe MaLl!!?!??!??!

Dave Graz may be the most amazing human in this life:

Dgraz11: I play football for my highschool

Punkyboobster: wow relaly?

Dgraz11: i have a huge weiner

Punkyboobster: i am cheerleader

Dgraz11: omg

Punkyboobster: my ex was the star quarterback

Dgraz11: where?

Punkyboobster: Bethel

Dgraz11: lol

Punkyboobster: CT

Punkyboobster: where are you from?

Dgraz11: ct!

Punkyboobster: OMG where?

Dgraz11: we should totally meet up and hang out!!

Dgraz11: TRUMBULL!

Punkyboobster: maybe we can meet up

Dgraz11: not too far from bethel!!

Punkyboobster: what do you look like???


Punkyboobster: i know

Dgraz11: I am like 6’8″

Punkyboobster: DaMn, YoUs FiNe

Dgraz11: muscular

Dgraz11: i WoRk OuT AlL ThE TiMe

Punkyboobster: i cna tell

Punkyboobster: you sound sooooo hot

Punkyboobster: got any mor pics????

Dgraz11: WhAt r ur fav bands?

Punkyboobster: i love music. bands are soooo cool. i relaly listen to anything, but right now i am so into dmb, john mayer, yellowcard and maroon five.

Dgraz11: that’s kewl

Punkyboobster: you?

Dgraz11: i like more of the hip/hop thing

Dgraz11: but i listen to anything BUT country!

Dgraz11: lol!

Punkyboobster: omgz i luv kanye west

Dgraz11: omg me2!

Punkyboobster: LoLz CoUnTrY SuX


Dgraz11: srsly

Dgraz11: rednex

Punkyboobster: lmao everytime isee the video

Dgraz11: here is a picture of me but it is so old!

Dgraz11: i want to get a digicamera for my brithday


Punkyboobster: your a rela QT

Dgraz11: aww thnx!

Punkyboobster: omg do you have girlfriend?

Dgraz11: no i am single

Dgraz11: and ready to mingle

Punkyboobster: really how your are sooo fine

Punkyboobster: i am sure girls throw themselves at you

Dgraz11: *blush*

Dgraz11: stop!

Punkyboobster: no kidding. if you went to my high school i wouldn’t be able to control myself

Punkyboobster: ::giggles:

Dgraz11: oh man!

Dgraz11: i wish i went to your highschool!

Punkyboobster: we could totally make out at pep ralleys

Dgraz11: oh man

Dgraz11: stop i am so horny

Dgraz11: haha

Dgraz11: oh baby

Dgraz11: got nepix?

Punkyboobster: yah brb

Dgraz11: k!

Punkyboobster: i jsut have to find them on my comp

Dgraz11: i cant wait!

Punkyboobster: ughh i can’t find one

Punkyboobster: but this is my sister

Punkyboobster: we look sooo much alike


Punkyboobster: almost twinz

Dgraz11: omg

Dgraz11: i hope you are identical twinz!

Dgraz11: lol

Punkyboobster: hahah close enough

Punkyboobster: she is two years older

Dgraz11: so thats wut i have to look forward 2

Punkyboobster: yah

Punkyboobster: do you ever go to the trumble mall?

Dgraz11: all the time!

Punkyboobster: omgz i am going there this weekend

Dgraz11: relly? wanna meet up at fye?1

Punkyboobster: sure @@ 1

Dgraz11: OK where?

Punkyboobster: i need ot get the new lindsey lohan cd speak

Punkyboobster: FYE>

Dgraz11: ill wear a thursday hoodie!

Punkyboobster: lolzzz i am sure i can recognize you from your pics

Dgraz11: i hope so

Dgraz11: !!

Dgraz11: ill bring a rose wit me!

Punkyboobster: i will be wearing a pink studed belt, red and black stripped socks my arms, a H.I.M. necklace, and a Taking back sunday T-shirt

Dgraz11: omg hot

Dgraz11: so hot

Punkyboobster: i know i can dress

Dgraz11: im gunna bring a flower for my new lady

Punkyboobster: i have a style, good style

Punkyboobster: omg you are soo sweet

Dgraz11: do you like converse?

Punkyboobster: here is one for you @—–Dgraz11: i wear converse shoes like all the time

Dgraz11: omg! thnkx!

Punkyboobster: omgzz i just got new pink cons with green trim

Dgraz11: *blushing* you are so sweet to me

Dgraz11: *Mwah*

Punkyboobster: i really like you

Punkyboobster: do you think maybe one day we can talk on the phone before we meet

Punkyboobster: just so i know yr not some PsYcO?

Punkyboobster: LOLZ

Dgraz11: ok yea!

Dgraz11: lolZ

Dgraz11: i am not a syko!

Dgraz11: you can call my house but i hope my dad doesntwakeup!

Punkyboobster: hello!!! the 21 century called it said get a CELL PHONE

Dgraz11: lol

Dgraz11: i have 1

Dgraz11: but my mom is like ‘only for emergencies’

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