Spring break 2k(high)5

I had a very magical weekend in Connecticut.

-Friday spent at Hat City playing a deer hunting game.

-some drunk dude was dancing the best way any human could ever dance.

-I ate China Pan

-Katie and Austin Kutcher made up the most amazing handshake ever.

-Saturday was spent at the deaththreat/madball/100 demons show.

-A very sweaty good time was had at the show.

-Sunday I went to the City with Brian Connor and Diana and we met up with Anna and walked around and got stoked out of our trees for Red Bamboo.

-I was secretly hoping that Brian meeting Katie would be like when I had Brian met Amy in New York City a few years ago, but it wasn’t. I just thought for my own humor it would be fantastic if he was a dick, but he wasn’t…So it was a nice nicest day.


After we came back home from the city I had Austin, Scott and Prorock meet us at my house. After a few hours of telling horrible stories of Prorock’s Clients(retards) who get hand jobs from strippers and other stories of this level of horribleness we decide it would be best to go to Wiggles. Going to Wiggles(a gentleman’s club) was my new years resolution for 2K(high)5, and I truly thought it would be a wasted resolution because I doubted anyone would ever actually go with me. Wiggles is possibly the worst, easily the worst place I have ever been to. I take that back Tijuana is def worst. The Dancers danced on little plywood stages, and they didn’t even take there clothes off, they would flash an occasional breast. For the most part it was rated PG-13….Which I am not to upset about since these women are all over the age of forty and there personal hygiene is a cause for concern. The best part about this “gentleman’s club” is that in order for the strippers to dance you had to put money in the jukebox for them to get the strip on. When we first arrived the dancers(if you can call them this, they really just walked around in circles on the stage and occasional bent over) were performing to jewel, I took things up a notch of eghhhh and maybe this their soundtrack for the Sunday-1-barracuda by heart followed by Sk8er Boi by Avrail Levinge, by the time Sk8er Boi got to the chorus the strippers started putting on their clothes….wahhh wahhh.


One of the Dancers was about 50 and had short blond hair, ankle boots, black spandex pants and shirt, and had a purse on her. She was easily the best dancer I have ever seen in my life. If you ask me I will show you how they all danced.


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