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If you like ipods, and you like tits click here.

Dave Graz aka my Cybersex boyfriend has made a video for the Mates of State song Goods. This video makes me very happy and warm inside, it allows me to watch buddies having fun. I like when Pat Todd is wearing Nintendo Gear in it, and when Sarah Coburn is looking pretty.

My Favorite American Idol Moment Ever. Mary Roch.

“All of my friends told me I was an Awesome Singer”

I got the Jojo album last night. There are some choice sweet jamz, and some even better lyrics.

It don’t matter that your car is fly

And your rims are spinning on the side

And it don’t matter where we go tonight

Cause if im with you it’ll be alright

From the song baby its you

I like these lyrics because she is only 13, 13 years olds can’t drive, which mean in order for her to be getting into a car with someone who could afford some “spinning” rims would mean she would probably be involved in statutory rape, which is a huge turn on.

from my research on the internet this is what I have learned about Jojo in the past 15 minutes.

-She is not I repeat IS NOT just a singer, just a song writer, but she is also a prodigy.

-She grew up in Boston (Foxboro to be exact). EAST COAST POWERRRRR JOJO REPRESENT.

-When she was two she would “jazz” up her nursery rhymes, but putting some major riffage into them.

-Jojo has sung at Boston Celtic games, which means that about four people heard her since no one cares about the Celtics. LARRY BIRD WOHHHOO

-Her Favorite food is McDonalds (Big n Tasty w/ fries, coke and an apple pie). Which means she is not VEGAN and will be a FATTY

I didn’t read this on her site, but I beat she thinks that pats are awesome and are stoked out her tree for the super bowl this weekend. I mean she is from new england, she has to like the patroits.

Bored? Play the Jojo Memory game here.

All of my info is taken from Jojo’s offical site


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