Brian Connor is my Telephonic Boyfriend

Info Black

Your Heart is Black

What Color is Your Heart?

-Cool i have a black heart… how am i ever supposed to get laid????ughh life is sooo hard.

Stream the Whole Blocparty Album Here, i am not so sure how i feel about this band. I think i may be voting Thumbs Down.

Pitchforks list of top 100 singles of the past 5 years is pretty much WHACKED

Dear City Of Chicago,

Please make a bar with a Jukebox that has the following songs.

We Built This City-Starship

Hey jealousy-Gin Blossoms

The Model-Belle And Sebastian

Toxic-Brittney spears

House Of jealous Lovers-The Rapture

Careless Whisper-Wham

Christmas Wrap-The Waitresses

The Sign-Ace of Base

99 Problems-Jay Z

bluebirds-Adam Green

Pinkyswear-The Movielife

License To confuse-Sebedoh


Bull in the heather- Sonic Youth

Thank you very much



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