I like their early stuff better…..

SO00000 I have a new favorite band. They are Called “SMOOSH” they are 10 and 12 and are from Seattle. They are self-proclaimed indie rock. They are going on tour with Mates of State, and have opened for Death Cab For Cutie, Sleater Kinney and Jimmy Eat World…Where you doing that when you were 10 and 12? I don’t think so, they rule just for that. They like Jumping on their Tramp and Hates tests.

\emma to the maxx: makes me wish i wasn't sitting too close to the TV picking my nose when i was 9

When i was in the Third Grade my neighbors Heather, Kristen and I were in multiple bands. After all of this Smoosh love it made me remember how awesome that was. I do not remember the name of our first band, but i do know that we had one named double crossed(this was our more Urban inspired project….Connecticut is a really Hard place to grow up, so we understood a rough up bringing). We also had nick names in double crossed I was “Ferri-tale”, Kristen was “little K” and Heather was “Heath-bar”. Heather totally got shafted and got the least cool name out of three of us, her fault.Although every band broke up do to creative differences to this day we are still friends. I Remember the first song we wrote together, we were way ahead of our time…i do believe that if we lived in Atlanta Laface records would of signed us and not TLC. Here are the lyrics to that first song…if you want me to sing them to you, just ask.

Walk to me baby and hold me tight.
We won’t fight all night.
We’ll have wine rice steak tonight.
We finally kissed and made everything all right.

if you want the Mp3s IM me

My Grandparents sent me a card, they signed it God Bless, KEEP YOUR FEET DRY!!!!.
Who signs their cards KEEP YOUR FEET DRY. Something is telling me they are getting old.


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