You know you taste like CANCER.

You have cancer, I am sorry to hear that. You wish there was a cure for cancer??? There is now, it is great it is called AIDS.
Emma has sent that article to her sick dad with the Subject title “just don’t give mom HIV…She won’t like it”…Why has this turned into my Emma Richards blog?

Kid Rock Got Arrested,. I hope they kill him dead.
I should of been slugged for my D.J. skills at wiggles…I mean this is what I made the strippers dance to:barracuda-Heart/In Da Club-50 Cent/Sk8er Boi-Avrail Levigne…..Then again the strippers did start putting on there clothes when they heard Sk8er Boi..

What is Bird Flu….I don’t want it.

Sick Stream the New Adam Green.

I bought a sweet “live strong” style bracelet today that is white and say “Purity”!!!!!
I was also informed that there are “live strong” bracelets that smell….Mine does not smell like virgins I am sorta upset about this.

This is what came up on a google image search for virgins...I want my bracelet to smell like them.

I started classes today, i love school.


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