So sorry. Its Over

I went to go see Lucero last night, which is cool i guess if you are into good music…which i am NOT. The honory Title were eghhhhhh, and thats not a good eggghhhhh. Thats a yshhhh kitty eghhhh. Just kidding i am into good music.

Blink 182 broke up, yes i am bummed.
Korn also broke up(maybe not, may just the guitarist is leaving for Jesus), yes KGM is bummed.

As long as my boyfriend Tom Delonge comes out with a solo album i will be ok.

(this is a picture of him thinking about me, and not kaite)

Slipnot is touring, and it will be unique!!!!! Jessica will be excited. Hartford Watch yourselves the tour starts there get pumped.

Kelly Clarkson is going on tour, someone buy me tickets.

Missy Elliot has a new album out, someon buy it for me.

I am stoked to see Jason Anderson next month. He is playing a show with this band that requested to be my friend on nerdspace, and they actually weren't horrible.
Goodnight sweethearts

Can Everyone please enter this contest for me. I really want to take a degrassi cast member to the prom, also can someone please throw a prom in case i win?

Does anyone remember the noise that was played in the background of clarissa explains it all when ever same came through the window. If you do please call me and make the noise.

My rubber band ball is getting sick, it will proboly have a myspace account soon.

did you hear paris hilton is a virgin?

If you Scrobble Add me

If you have never watched the television show wonderfalls(which you proboly haven't) then you are a waste.

Joss Whendon is writting a wonder woman movie. stoked. Joss Whedon


  1. Thirza

    I am a waste only until tommorrow. then i will be one of the wise ones who have seen this show.

    i totally had someone calling the numbers in paris hiltons phone book like 4 days ago but i didnt even know it was real until i heard it on NPR. no one picked up anyway… but it was 4am.

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