Imitate and Water Down….

Alright so i knowwwww on the internet there is no such thing as orginality, but i have had the SN Punkyboobster since high school. I think i am going on 5 or 6 years. I understand that these clowns proboly think they are ultra orginally and witty like the 17 year old version of me thought while making this sn, but these clowns have tried cloning me…this live journal girl…friend her and kill her. The best is this girl from, i get about an IM a week saying “i saw you on Match, and you hot. I live in SoCal too” The girl from match is 4-11 that is a midget standards,. find her and kill her for no reason except being a posuer face.

I think you should proboly be listening to that dog right now.

I have given up eating Healthy for Lent.

P.S. I am in the process of making a live journal that is set to be the worlds dulliest LJ. Add me as your friend…Amandalynferri is my user name.

This is what i did in my three hour science class.

That is pretty much a self potrait of be being number one with some TNT(not TNT2662, i wish it was tnt2662…if u have any idea what i am talking about we proboly already in love), those are all quotes that my professor said through out the night.

A HAIKU Written about me by-theotheramanda(roman)
dearest amanda
you wont be there tomorrow
but real girls love you


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