I was at the Jabber Jaw the Cutest Boy i ever saw

Petra HadenDecemberists

this is a conversation i had with anna when i found out this news
Punkyboobster: omggggggg
Punkyboobster: omgg
Punkyboobster: petra haden joined the decemberists
Punkyboobster: i am gonna go to there show and cry and tell her how much i love that dog
cleverLines: wow really?
cleverLines: wierd
Punkyboobster: yes i am soo siekd
Punkyboobster: do you think i can kidnapp her and just make her play the violin solo in “did you ever” for like 3 hours straight
Punkyboobster: and harmonize with minneapolis until i fall a sleep
cleverLines: remember when we were going to write a letter to that dog and ask them if they wanted to have a sleep over with us
Punkyboobster: especially the “i want to see him again, he should be my new best frieeeennnddd part”
Punkyboobster: i sitll want too write that letter
Punkyboobster: i am determained
cleverLines: oh i knew which part you ment
Punkyboobster: i don’t care if anna waronker doesn’t have any other employees besdies herself and charlotte caffrey, i want and need to work at her label
Punkyboobster: she has no choice but to hire me
Punkyboobster: i mean come on
Punkyboobster: i look good naked, and worship her simplisitic song writting
Punkyboobster: p.s. she writting some of paris hiltons album
cleverLines: oh i knew that
cleverLines: that’s amazing
Punkyboobster: i know
Punkyboobster: you can bet that i am going to buy that asap
Punkyboobster: i hope it gets released on 180gram vinyl
cleverLines: hahahah oh it will be i am sure
Punkyboobster: i think so too
Punkyboobster: i am glad we can see eye to eye on something

FRIEND REQUESTS(these clowns thought it would be awesome to ask for my friend request this week.

This Is Jesse, he likes Green Day and is 61 percent a slut
this is an sample of his interesting blog:
whats up yall i went to my friends birthday party it was koo my brother got drunk FAST as fuck lol so did cori lol im playing um but it sucked that my ride was all mad at me and wanted to leave all early about it post and et me no if yall rides ever want to leave early”

This bundle of teen agnst is Brittney, she is from New Jersey, likes the song since U be gone by kelly clarkson, discribes herself as normal person(calling yourself a normal person is the first sign of a crazy), she also like dancing just for fun...she seems like a blast.

This Musical Prodigy goes by the name "just another bass player", he plays bass, loves pop punk bands, he doesn't want you to be jelouse becuase he the O.C. is one of his favorite shows. He would like to meet Adam Brody and Connor Oberst.
From his Blog
“no not really, i love all my friends. i am getting sick though, and its really pissing me off. i wish i could kick its ass. i was i could kick anyones ass, i’m way too skinny. and thats all for today…”


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