My roomate and her nasty boyfriend are showering together/singing together

Life is busy, and busy is crazy, and daily updates for the bored do not compliment the busy crazy life.

-A video of my boyfriend i doing(this is the new Fred Durst porn, GET HOT)

Heres the thing we started of friends….
This has been on like every site ever in the past two days, but Ted Leocovering “since u been gone”

Here is a Tegan and Sarah from the same site, but not as fun as Ted Leo.

**this summer sarah coburn and i went to see Ted Leo with Matt Wick and Megan Thomas-Melly at Bar in New Haven, and it was pretty much a perfect day. We started by going to see white mountain and clusterfuck at KGM’s, and then we went to Megan’s artshow and heard a boy sing songs about war. Sarah and i then headed to New Haven where we met up with Matt and Megan and we eat mash potatoe pizza, it was pretty much the best and we saw malcom tent there and i loved this summer so much, and i miss so many buddies and i am so rambling**


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