Its 11:11 are you watching where your stepping?

The Alkaline Trio/7 Seconds show was pretty much fantastic, and i am glad Katie got me out of my room.

7 Seconds played a new song called “Your Parent’s Hardcore”, I was not into. There were a couple with there kids there, so they were listening to their parent’s hardcore. The little kids danced, they were into it.

I was into 7 Seconds Wooo ooooohs.

I was also into when Katie pointed out that Kevin Seconds sorta looks like my dad.

Matt Skiba was balding, he is sooooo handsome and i would like have a kissing party with him.

Alkaline Trio’s set went something like
-Goodbye Forever
-Sorry About that
-3 New Songs
-All on Black
-A pegboy Cover
-Blue in the Face


Anna-i’m on spring break yay!!!
Anna-cancun here i come
Amanda-I am on it in one week
Anna- so i’ll meet you in cancun,,…i’ll be with girl wearing the whipped cream bikini
Amanda-good ill be the one making out with my best friend…LOL i was sOOOOOO drunk


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