This is awesome, and by awesome i am mean yesshhhh…

This is awesome, and by awesome i am mean yesshhhhh kitty.
TUNG-A Clothing line for lesbians, by lesbians.
At first i thought this was a horrible idea, but now that i think about it it will give ladies an alternative to their ever so fashionable sweats, and track jackets.
I KNOW!! “Tung” will be elevating lesbian fashion to a whole new level, i mean i know i would love to have tons of clothes with this logo all over them(i wear a size med or small).


  1. Tung Gear Prez

    Hi Amanda on the internet…I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you telling your friends about us..and I’d love to send you some Small or Med Tung Gear as my way of saying thanks for supporting Tung!

    please email me directly at, let me know what shirts you like (our catalog is at online at, and they’ll be on their way in flash.

    Also, as our way of saying Hi to your friends, anyone who mentions Amanda from the Internet will get free shipping..when you place your order, place Amanda in the comments box and I’ll waive the shipping fees…

    Thanks again, and don’t forget to stick out your Tung!

    Vickie Claiborne, President
    Tung Gear, Inc

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