Sooooooooooo i moved. Sorta, half of my stuff is a…

Sooooooooooo i moved. Sorta, half of my stuff is at the dorms still, and a some of it is the new house.

amandalyn ferri
2863 west fullerton ave
chicago, il 60674

My neighbor hood is nothing short of classy. It oozes with the type of class that can only shown of in the way of geo trackers, isuzu sidekicks, and amigos.
I also have been hit on with this clinching conversation opener “hey do you go to artschool” i wish i was joking.

Sarah Perry is in town visiting from D.C.
-we went to bed at 10:30
-at chicago diner, i burnt my throat wicked bad
-attempted to watch pretty woman
-soooo many snacks and hard hanging on the roof
-watched “CHAOTIC”
-was disapointed by “CHAOTIC”

After Tuesday night’s UPN break through i am 100 percent convinced that B. Spears in out of her brain. Not just becuase of the way she acted in the pilot episode of Chaotic, but becuase six months later she agreed to let that air nationally. I am pretty sure that Speaderline do not know the correct defintion of the word Chaotic, because there was no chaos within in this show-only dullos


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