April and i started Tae Kwon Do last night, and i …

April and i started Tae Kwon Do last night, and i feel she has accuratly captured the evening, but she did forget tomention the dude with the tattoo of mickey mouse playing soccer

Taken from April’s LJ

Last night I met Amanda at POWER KICKS for round 1 of our trial lessons. Within the first 10 minutes we were hollaring and running around in circles on whistle command behind 5 likeminded martial arts enthusiasts (all male of course). Within the first 20 minutes our faces were the color of Grimace and our bodies spewed with sweat harder than the Buckingham Fountain.

It was all I could do not to double over in laughter/pass out, but for some reason each time we’d face the mirror and open our mouths wide like California Raisin zombies I felt like passing out was the last thing I could do. We had to conquer this class. We pretty much ruled as far as first timers go. Our instructor even made the class view our stretches!

Here are some compliments he yelled out:




I was so excited to get over the intense cardio and finally get to the good stuff. Amanda kicked the shit out of the flippy thing during our roundhouse kick training and I found it easy to impress as well. We definitely held our own much to our surprise and agreed to go back Thursday evening for round 2. You’d really be surprised how thrilling kicking your own sweat onto the person in front of you can be. Not to mention the fierce yelling that comes along with each move.

Tae Kwon DO IT.

P.S. if you post comments say who you are jerks-yes i do know that my blog is pink.


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