Tommorrow i am going warped tour with Katie and Ab…

Tommorrow i am going warped tour with Katie and Abby. The day is pretty much going to be the best, and end up with me taking off my shirt on My Chemical Romance’s tour bus. The Offspring is playing, i pray to baby jesus that they play Pretty Fly for a White Guy.

Myself, Katie, and Abby with her new blue hair cut.
We are Punxxx

Kelly and I went to see Sleater Kinney on Thursday which may actually be one of the low points of the weekend.


-Puerto Rico Day-Which led to us seeing a man show us what his country is made of by waving a flag while scracthing his male parts and giving the pussy eating sign. It made me want to fall in love with a Puerto Rican.

-While Driving to Wicker Park we saw a man get hit buy a car on his bike. The first thing he did was check his bike to make sure it was still in one piece, this would of been the last thing i did.

-Seeing two homeless people lying on each other in the 69 position, and Kelly getting out of the car to take a picture of them.


  1. Anonymous

    Don’t forget that homeless black man who asked me for a kiss. We rule. Oh – and no taking off your shirt – unless it’s to trade it for an Atreyu shirt. Ps. this comment has been made by Kelly McClure

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