He’s kissing Christian and it’s making him feel backwards

This week was the first in months that Anna and I received Netflix other then Veronica Mars. Falling into the habit of not trollin’ my queue I hadn’t the slightest idea what hanging hard in my mail last night. To my delight I came home to the following potluck of DVDS: Hoop Dreams, Six Feet Under (disc 5, season 5) and Raped by an Angel. The first two I am familiar with, but Raped by an Angel is a different story, just in case you are also ignorant to this fine film I will educate you (you can thank me with pizza).

“Psychopathic lawyer Chuck Chi-Shing (Mark Cheng) brutally rapes his neighbor Chu Kit-Man (Jacqueline Ng). Chuck proves to be a cunning madman when he’s acquitted of the crime and kills his victim, furious that she had the audacity to seek justice. NOW, Chu’s roommate (Chingamy Yau) is determined to see her friend’s death avenged – – and Chuck brought to justic. Wait Keung Lau directs this stylish sequel to Naked Killer

This seems all fine and dandy, until I just typed out the last part – THIS IS A SEQUEL!!!! This means I am going to have to wait at least another week to watch it until I have time to rent Naked Killer, watch that and THEN watch Raped by an Angel.

Currently Listening:

Totally Crushed Out!
By that dog.
Release date: 18 July, 1995


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