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Facts, I love cover bands and I love Blink 182. This is pure gold

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Round 2 Tryouts for DAMMIT: BLINK 182 TRIBUTE!!

Reply to: comm-237791486@craigslist.org
Date: 2006-11-20, 7:51PM EST

Experienced manager/musician putting together NYC Blink 182 Tribute: “Dammit! Tribute to Blink 182”

Greetings- I..m an experienced manager and musician in the Tribute Band scene looking to put together an authentic Blink 182 Tribute. Let..s face it- Angels and Airwaves is not Blink and of course we all now know the real reason Blink broke up in the first place (http://www.b182.com/askmark1.php). I do continue to support Mark and Travis in their new project, +44, and was psyched to meet them and hang out with them twice this week while they were touring in NY. But the Tribute scene is in need of an amazing, fast, crazy, talented punk band. If you..re a musician & a hard core Blink fan- why not play the music of one of your favorite bands to tons of other screaming, moshing, and body surfing fans?! Let..s keep the music and spirit alive for Blink 182! I have contacts and venues all over the east coast ready to book us. Here’s a description of what JasBass Entertainment (management) is looking for:

What I..m looking for?
1. First and foremost, musicians that are influenced by Blink 182 (obviously), NOFX, MXPX, The Offspring, Sum 41, Greenday, etc. Also, folks that have the discipline to rehearse at least once a week, are willing to travel/tour to shows, can communicate, can commit, and are reliable. *MUST have energy, sense of humor, charm, and stage presence when playing shows!*

2. A drummer that can hold it down and do Travis Barker..s music justice. Needs the attitude, speed, dedication, experience, and technique. Should have all drum gear. Own transportation would be a plus.

3. A guitar player that can play Tom..s parts as well as sing these catchy songs. Should have all guitar gear, sense of humor (on and off stage), and dedication.

4. Friendship- not just a bunch of people getting together to play and leave right after a show!

5. Style- musicians with a punk style, even if just for on stage performance.

These are the tryout songs candidates are working on:

Dammit, All the Small Things, The Rock Show, First Date, Aliens Exist, Anthem II, Dumpweed

About Me:
I have extensive booking experience and connections that came with my initial project, ..Excuse Me: Tribute to No Doubt.. (www.myspace.com/excusemeband). Just to give you an idea of my track record, Excuse Me has toured various places in the U.S. including New York. New Jersey, Massachussetts, Chicago, Cleveland, playing amazing venues such as House of Blues, Whiskey Bar, Lion..s Den, Arlene..s Grocery, CBGB..s, The Chance Theater, The Arcada Theater, Opus Theater, New York Hall of Science, and even the Gwen Stefani post Madison Square Garden show at BB Kings in Times Square. To get an idea of the authenticity I am looking for, you can check out Excuse Me with a bunch of other great tribute bands at the Lion..s Den in NYC for a show I put together. The show is on December 16th and it..s a ..Tribute to the Sounds of Orange County, So-Cal.. (http://www.cegmusic.musictoday.com/LionsDen/calendar.aspx). If you..re going to be there, let me know so that we could connect.

Remember: JasBass Entertainment does not care if you’re black, white, boy, girl, gay, straight- whatever. We’re looking for TALENTED MUSICIANS. Period.

Please respond to management at this post if interested, have questions, or would like to sign up for tryouts.

Rock on! Punk on!


  • Location: NYC
  • It’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests


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  1. I know, i’m answering way too late, and i’m in France, but i could have play Tom’s guitar part… i guess…

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