She has a point.

I found this conversation via Facebook wallposts between two kids I went to High School with.

Dude who loved Jesus and Aliyah: why do you not like hillary clinton? you do know that i’m gay and would like a nice democratic president to maybe shed some light onto my life and not have a government tell me that because of who i am, i can’t experience life to it’s full capacity…i’m just curious…im not assuming you don’t like her because of her gay views lol i’m just interested in why you don’t like her…

Girl who signed my 7th grade yearbook, “I always thought you were a stuck up jerk, but you are da one and only da bomb.”:  I do not like her because she is a ‘Clinton’ and anyone with that name… should not be the leader of our country; in additon i do not want a woman president for obvious reasons, once a month we would be bombing someone.. I am just not keen on her, not necessarily that she is a demorcrat, although i am registered republican; i vote for the perosn who would best do the job.

Dude who loved Jesus and Aliyah: oh riiiight because the entire female population sucks at their job once a month? you have interesting points, but I hope you keep an open mind. Gay, straight, dem, or repub i think it’s fair to say it’s time for a change…

I really hope this conversation continues


  1. i just deleted a high-school aquaintance on faceobok for joining an anti-HC group. in the spirit of giving nicknames, i will refer to her as volleyball christian camel toe.

    p.s. you ARE the one and only da bomb!

  2. zibby

    please eat my soul.

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