Last night on the Mass Pike, Thought I was losing you. Last night on the Mass Pike, I fell in love with you.

The other day I had the idea that I wanted to meet more girls who could quote the Get Up Kids and the Promise Ring. Not knowing the best way to meet these jawns I figured I would try Craigslist before taking it to the real world and shouting at strangers “DO YOU LIKE SANDWICHES AND THE PROMISE RING???”. This was not the best way to meet these jawns – the only response I got was one girl asking, “Does anyone even like the Get Up Kids anymore?”. Maybe I will try



  1. janie

    the promise ring is the only band i ever listened to on repeat during my freshman year of college. i found out about the promise ring through the brendan leonard show, and that’s when i began my journey into the land of cool music.

  2. The Promise Ring will really always remind me of my freshmen year of college also. I get so excited when summer comes along and I can quote “Jersey Shore” and offer to people that if they come to New York they can’t sleep on my floor.

  3. pete

    Cold October Fall,
    At The Outside Of A VFW Hall,
    I said I minded distance
    but distance would define us,
    define us all.

  4. i saw that headline and thought, that’s not the get up kids is it? remember hearing don’t hate me when four minute mile came out and thinking it was the best thing i’d ever heard or ever would hear in my life ever. some people still sing along to get up kids and promise ring songs, behind closed doors though…music may be “better” now, but i liked it more then.

  5. i love the get up kids, but i’m not a girl. let me know if you ever switch teams.

  6. Justin Sexton

    I usually listen to Bowie on the Mass Pike.

  7. anonymous

    move to LA.

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