Questions. Opinions. Concerns.

This is me today on the left. This could be me two months from now on the right. Plz comment.headshave.jpg




  1. Jake H

    you would look so fucking hot. you have my full support on this amanda. if you’re not one hundred percent happy with the results i will shave my head after you.

  2. Jacques

    Mowhawk maybe?

  3. Very Ripley, I’m behind it. If you’re going to do it, summer’s the time.

  4. janie

    oscar wilde, wtf?! on that bald collage business..

    you could definitely pull it off.

  5. MChottie!!!! you should pierce something to go with your new look though, just to have that finishing touch y’know?

  6. o

    from colombia….
    NOOOOOOOOO… PLEASE GIRL… don’t do it!
    today we know about your firm cause the awesome video, and the first thing that we saw was the pretty girls (and clever guys… but that is’nt the theme) in the broadway office…
    so… don’t cut it off… your fans don’t deserve it…

  7. hey, my name is Alessandra, I live in Brazil and I found your Flagpole Sitta lip dub video today out of nowere… I loved it!

    Would like to know you better… can’t find your email, though. anyway, you’ld look great even bald. see ya.

  8. Hey Amanda,

    I am sorta aquainted with Mr Sean Nelson (aka Harvey Danger) and just sent him a link of your lip sync. Perhaps he will find it amusing and purchase you all enormous marshmallows with his likeness on them, sign ’em and send them to you… collect.

    PS: I like short hair. Anything about an inch or longer works for me. Anything shorter and you risk having strangers rub your head.

  9. Justin Sexton

    I dig your hair. The shaved head would be striking, yes. But I like you as is.

  10. matt

    I don’t know you, but I wish we were friends

  11. Well I’m another one of these people that don’t know you, but I would say please don’t do it!

    Not that you wouldn’t suit it!

  12. I think you should do what you want, but personally… nooooo 🙂 But only because of bad Sinead O’Connor memories.

  13. Ricky V


  14. Alexander

    I know it will grow back, but trust me, it will take a long time, I have tried it. 🙂

  15. It feels cool to have very short hair, [innuendo]I am always rubbing mine as I like how it feels[/innuendo], I don’t think from the picture above that it suits you, so don’t do it!

  16. juancho

    Doesn’t really make any difference you’ll look awesome any way!

  17. Jan

    Don’t! You look incredibly hawt now. The new haircut would look old and ill or something. Eek.

  18. Pop

    Hey no don’t go all Britney on us. Next thing you know you’ll be doing tattoos. 😉

  19. fuck this people!
    i fuckin luv sinead!

  20. Tom

    whit or whitout hair, you are always beautifull (even if i prefer with hair )

  21. Vish

    No. No. Bad. Sit. Stay

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