I had visions I was in them I was looking into the mirror

We made this vimeo about two weeks ago at work only to of inspired these kids down in Florida to their own vimeo of it. I really love their version.


  1. HA! i would love to see much, much, more interpretations of your video. maybe one from our next party overe here? …ive started to show all my friends, its perfect for today.


    (i like your hairdo)

  2. Raf

    Brillant !!!!! You’ve done a real great video I can’t stop watching 🙂 It’s full of positive energy, thank you !

  3. Jo

    You guys are fantastic.
    That video is so damned addictive, my friends have been texting me lyrics from the song every hour on the hour for the past four days.

    stop by our group blog sometime. http://www.theoriginalwhatsforlunch.com

    we love lunch. that kids SILF shirt is on all of our x-mas lists.

  4. after watching your vid, i had not only the song for the hole day in mind – there was a question too: how do i knew your face!
    ok, today, as i woke up, i knew that it wasnt a another vid on youtube or so. there is a girl in german television, that reminds me on you 😉

    …ok, after comparing of pictures, i have to say that is not close as twins – but she could be your sister.

  5. billy

    niiiiice!!! marry me!! =D

  6. Jacques

    Yr a sensation : )

  7. Istvan de França

    Fantastic! We of Brazil love the video. It is a success here. Congratulations :DDDD

  8. Leo

    Happened to StumpleUpon ur video on a Brazilian website the other day, it’s amazing!!! Are you guys hiring?? I need to work with people like you guys!!!

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