I am now the proud owner of DeliciousSandwich.com.

I am not sure what I am doing with it yet, but I am pretty sure it will be sandwich reviews in NYC and recipes.

If you have a fav sandwich shop in nyc or recipe let me know.


  1. janie

    this rules! i will bookmark it. there is another sandwich blog i frequent too: http://mmm-nachos.livejournal.com/ but they are in houston. please be sure to include pictures and nice looking things. yay and good luck!

  2. Jacques

    I can’t believe nobody’s taken that.

    Can I offer a couple from Hoboken?

  3. I am hoping to get this going the fastest the summer.

    yes you can jacques! Are you going to be there this summer? maybe we can get lunch or dinner there?

  4. Nicky’s Vietnamese at 2nd and A makes a tasty sandwich. Go spicy!

  5. Alexander

    What a great domain name. I think it’s really interesting how the sandwich culture differs from country to country. Why don’t you introduce all the differences so we can get inspired?

    Good luck

  6. Too bad silf.com is already taken. That would have been a fantastic hipster food site; you could have had correspondents in different cities. Let me know if you need input from Chicago….I ate a burger on Saturday that put me in a coma.

  7. Texas

    For my money, Simone’s on 1st avenue makes a pretty awesome prosciutto and brie on focaccia samich with french dijon mustard. ILF that sweet and tasty delight anytime.

  8. wichcraft is pretty fucking good.

    Chicken breast, roasted red pepper, mozzarella & pesto on grilled country bread is my favorite 🙂

  9. Simple but lovely: Peanut butter and Twiglets. (Do you have Twiglets in the good ol’ U of S of A? Or is it just a U of K thing?)

    Messy one: Fried egg in a bagel – bite into it really hard and catch the yolky eruption that comes through the hole with your nose. (Is there an official term for the hole in a bagel? If not, you should definitely come up with one.)

  10. I’d love to do an Ottawa offshoot, that’s for sure. Come on, it’s the sandwich capital of Canada. Maybe.

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