And dog problems, I signed a lease.

In the past month I have received the following TXTography. There seems to be a trend, can you point out the one that doesn’t belong?

5/22/07 – From Ryan
5/21/07 – From Heather
5/20/07 – From Heather, “Another puppy. 3”
5/18/07 – From Bree, “4 yr olds directions on how not to get chicken pox..dont keep a chicken too long!”
5/9/07 – From Ryan, “My boss brought her puppy in today.”
5/4/04 – From Bree, “Is this the dog?”

David Cho may be onto something. Taken from Cash-Money-Ho’s:
I just realized that my friend/co-worker/internet superstar Amanda looks a lot like Marcie (from Peanuts) when she wears her large round sunglasses.

PAGING JAMIE AND TRISH I know I could just email you clowns, but whatevs – while at Columbia I did an interview with Echo where they asked me about “emo”. I had totally forgotten all about it until I saw part of it in some girls blog today, if you have this article can you please scan and send it to me? I am pretty sure it has some gender fucks on the cover, maybe radical cheerleading?


  1. with the radical cheerleaders on it?? ha! i will get my hands on it for you. it’s from like two years ago!!

  2. p.s. you are a clown

  3. Now alls I get are wincing cheeks

    Maybe the best CD ever? I think so, but what do I know, I am from California. I enjoy this blog.

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