Miss Cleo vs. Milan

I want an Mp3 of this song. If anyone has software to rip the audio on this can you do it for me? While your at it maybe the “I want the Gold” remix.


  1. Norman

    Done and on it’s way. 🙂

  2. you can do it with this little wonder: http://www.aoamedia.com/audioextractor.htm

    it’s no new and i don’t like to be such ass, but me and my friend Daniel are obsessed with you since we saw your flagpole video, and we’ll be stalking you as soon as we can get to U.S.
    Meanwhile, competing for your love, he says his is strong that being hugging you isn’t enough, he’d like to be your outlaw siamese brother, which would pretty much end our dispute ’cause then you would be half ugly.
    Thankfully that’s not possible, so we’ll duel at the city square at the sunset.

  3. oh yeah, i can’t grow a beard either, feel bad for it

  4. This is the best comment I have ever received. I’ve never been asked to be an “outlaw siamese twin” . while this sugery is happening can we listen to “Siamese Dream”?

  5. Guess i lost you for Daniel… In that case, sure you can, I’ll be listening to Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness and then later inspiring myself with Charles Manson’s album. 🙂

  6. I have just laughed milk out of my nose.

    That is all.

  7. Koow

    There have an option to extract only the audio to an mp3 file… You only need to put the youtube link there…


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