We had to let Shaq go.


October Sixteenth Two Thousand Six

(My fifth week at Connected Ventures)


June Eleventh Two Thousand and Seven

(My forty-fourth week at Connected Ventures)


  1. jealous, no doubt.

  2. Mark

    How hard did you have to fight to get front and centre?

    Also, please tell me that’s Dance Blog Davey in the middle at the back, with his hand to his mouth.

  3. DJ

    Is that Emo Jake way in the back?

  4. I think it’s very distinguished that Jake doesn’t look into the camera, I mean, It focusses interest on him yet the sole purpose of it was not to. clever dude!

  5. Alex

    You look so cute in that second pic

  6. grapes!

    would this not be the perfect time for a fauxtograph?

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