That is so GAY!

I may not agree with the order, but I agree with choices.   WTF?!?! No Mandy Moore?

Trish and Jamie are in the process of giving Chill a blog-over, making it a (inter?)national queer blog.  Right now on my Google Reader’s only queery blog is Queerty which is great, but while drinking my coffee I don’t get too siked on dudes in their underwear.


  1. im not sure if i agree with choices…
    what the hell….no chloe sevigny? shes my teenage movie star crush…she would definately be number one if i got to make that list.
    n-ways, she was in brazil last week for a fashion show, and i got to bump into her in a gay nightclub…she was so incredibly gorgeous and well dressed that almost gave me a heart attack!
    oh god…that made my year.

  2. yeah I agree she is a babe. I never thought of her a good actress until I started watching Big Love. She grew up not to far from me in Connecticut.
    I guess we both can’t be happy I was totally thrown of by no Mandy Moore or Chan Marshall.
    Also, I’ve lurked your photo-site and your and yr friends seem to be better looking than any queers I’ve seen in NYC.

  3. plus – she lives in NYC just like u….what are the chances!!
    maybe u can check her out at the central park – i read an interview of hers once saying she likes to go there at the afternoon drink coffee and do her make-up. awsome!
    never thought about mandy moore – ill googleher pics and let u know my impressions.
    and chan: OH-MY-GOD! shes the sweetest candy in the world.

  4. oh…forgoy to say…we dont have big luv in brazil and that sucks!

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