Key Card Headshots (sepia)



  1. Great! is everyone there?

  2. liz

    I think my favorite is Sarah with the ice cream cone.

    ps. umm, hi! my name is liz. BIG fan.

  3. This isn’t including interns and some how Dan got left out.

    Hey Lizzy, yeah Sarah with the ice cream cone rules, but i think my favorite is Jeff with the bird.

  4. The wooden pidgeon is a clear winner…

    Six across, two down is the biggest face I’ve ever seen… ever…

  5. oddly enough his face doesn’t look like that in real life. When the images got compressed we all started to look a little bit funny with large jaws.

  6. MaX

    Jeff is the guy with the bird ?!

    He is the ALLMIGHTY CRAZY BEST PIC , his looks is empty, the birds means nothing… i love it !!! muahahaha

  7. liz

    I’m standing firm by the ice cream cone.

    I will admit that Jeff with the bird is definately a close second, but only because I think pirates are terrific and he looks like he’s almost trying to channel a pirate look.

    Reflecting back, Jake’s sassy over-the shoulder deserves and honorable mention.

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