In the summer you really know that it doesn’t feel like summer so much anymore.

I know this isn’t a surprise for those of you that know me, but I am pretty certain this summer I am only really listening to music if Blake Schwarzenbach is in the band. I know this doesn’t give me too many options, but I am ok with that.

– Jawbreaker –

– Jets To Brazil –

Speaking of those of you who know me…I don’t think anyone who I know irl visits this site, outside of work heads. So, strangers please leave a comment and introduce yourself.


  1. hi, introducing myself: my names mari, from brazil, anoter stranger from brasil…how do u feel about that?
    now, r u serious? Blake Schwarzenbach?
    ill have to check him out a little bit more cuz so far still didnt convince me..

  2. Colin

    Hey, Im Colin from Massachusetts. I found the great CV office lip dubbing on-line and now I frequent Vimeo and a bunch of the CV guys blogs.

  3. miake

    hi, miake from the uk… really liked jawbreaker, never got into jets to brazil, what album would you recommend?

  4. Mark

    Blake Schwarzenbach – you’re not the only one…

    Mark, 28, UK.
    Loving every goddamn second of this goddamn Monday.
    After this weekend, I now own every Placebo album!
    Thinking of buying a Mac.

  5. Hi, my name’s matthieu, from France, I’m 20 (how many french readers on your blog ?)

  6. DJ

    Hi, I’m Dave from St. Paul, MN. Turning 21 next week. It’s totes going to be off the heezy (fo’ sheezy). OMGeezie.

    Yeah, I really don’t remember how I came across your site. There must be a link to it from Amir’s?

  7. Richard

    Hi, I’m Richard from Holland and I have never heard of neither Jawbreaker nor Jets To Brazil. No, I am not proud of that.

  8. Kaitlin

    Hi, I’m Kaitlin from Brooklyn. I’m 23 — I don’t remember how I came across your site. I do remember, however, that I became a dedicated (yet infrequent) reader after the baby birding video.

  9. Hey hey

    Yet another random guy. I’m Andy from England (a place that isn’t London) and I got here from the wonderfully entertaining Lip Dub.

    Hello and thanks for that as it made me smile for a whole week.

  10. Hi, Norman from Germany. 29yrs old, designer, webdeveloper, coding person bla bla… the stuff you are doing at CV. Visiting your site since your entry about this youtube-clip I’ve sent you a few days ago. Remember me?

    Have a great time (and out of a strange feeling I’m sure you will… 🙂


  11. Cool blogg..Someone showed me your recent vimeo office-lip sync project or whatever..So I guess you’re causing a few ripples across the Atlantic (Dublin, Ireland)..Stay kool

  12. Mark

    Almost everyone that’s commented here has a name that begins with ‘M’.

    And the two people that haven’t come from Massachusetts and Minnesota.

    What the hell is going on?

  13. Mark

    (It was true when I typed it)

  14. Nope.

    My name and location do not start with an M, but rather a J.
    We’ve talked through Vimeo, and you showed me your blog.

    That’s about it.

  15. Ryan

    28, Seattle, arrived here via Harvey Danger dub. Short-lived internet crush spawned by video. Short-lived for obvious reasons. Now enjoying reading about life of NYC dot-com worker. I worked in Tribeca in the late 90’s/early 00’s when “Silicon Alley” was invented. Good times. Fast times. But good nonetheless.

  16. Madi


    I’m Madi, 19 from Auckland, New Zealand.

    Came across your blog from Vimeo after the CV Flagpole Sitta lipdup.

    I haven’t heard of Blake Schwarzenbach either, maybe I’ll try to.

  17. janina

    found you through vimeo! you’re a cool gal and we sort of share similar music tastes like jets to brazil! and you like sandwiches. i’m from dc.

  18. hello.
    i randomally came across this site a while ago on one of my little adventures around the internet and it’s been bookmarked ever since as part of my little ‘reading blogs at work to some pass time’ routine, and that’s where it pretty much ends (or continues).

    oh, through your blog i found out the greatness of vimeo and recently decided to claim my spot there with the simple username of ‘y’. this made my nostrils flare in amusement.


  19. is it weird if i say “hey stranger” if we’ve never met? yeah. i guess it is. hi. i’m jo. i live in madison, wisconsin and randomly-ish stumbled upon the cv harvey danger lip dub and thought you (and the rest of the office) were hilarious. also, way to dominate that office bet. you’re my hero a little bit.

  20. Isaac

    Hey Amanda, I’m Isaac from Paris, Ontario. I first found your CV office lip dub video recently and have now tried to watch everyone’s vimeo videos. I also instantly created a vimeo account and am a big fan of all the CV blogs including yours. You guys are awesome and I hope I work somewhere someday that looks as fun as your work does.

  21. Danny

    from Chicago, came across your blog through the lip dub video then Vimeo then here. CV’s Vimeo videos are a nice study break.

  22. Ben

    hey, there. Ben from Indiana. Caught you on the “Flagpole Sitta” lip dub, and I’ve been hooked on Cv (and you) ever since. Lovin’ it.

  23. Hey, I’m Simon from Belfast in the UK, work as a Producer for the BBC. I too found your site through the office video, but again the baby birding thing made me a regular reader too – keep it up!

  24. MaX

    i am a stranger :p , my name begin by “M” and i live in France, Paris.

    I didn’t know jets to Brazil, it is ok :p

    anyway i got nothing to say, so i shut my fackin mouth 😀

    ciao !

  25. What is the baby birding meme?
    My name is Nick and I met you in an elevator at the CV office a few weeks ago! I just found your blog from Amir’s blog RE:sandwiches.

  26. The introduction – Anthony, from Pittsburgh, PA. I found your blog via your Vimeo profile, and to be honest, I was curious as to what you were so enthusiastic to rage about.

    I enjoyed the comic strip in this entry thanks to my infinitely cooler friend from college who turned me on the Jets To Brazil and many other bands my local radio station would never dream of playing. Thank you for helping me feel indie.

  27. Han

    Hi, I’m Han, 23, from the Midwest. I think I first noticed you in those “CV All Nighter” videos…you are hilarious. I like the way you wear your headbands.

    Take care!

  28. well hello. i’m here to find out about “connected ventures”.
    u said i should check your here i am..

    by the way i’m from Turkey.
    (i try to find out about indie music also but it’s hard for me to seperate one indie band from another. i’ll give a shot at “jawbreaker” cause i like the name [it was a gumlike thing in monkey island 3 and i adore the game])

  29. London, England reprezent.

    I didn’t think so many people from the UK were here already. I now feel less special and unique.

  30. Linny

    I have no website…but hi anyway

  31. Patrick Groß

    I too love Jawbreaker. Haven’t actually listened to too much Jets to Brazil, might have to change that.

  32. Jacques

    I made heyletsrage my “home” page back when it was the dancing .gif thing. I kept it because you are consistently awesome. You are also turning into an internet celebrity, which is deserved.

  33. gibby

    just another e-stalker.

    but seriously, you might be the coolest ever. first that lip-dub video. then all the vimeo shit. then the sandwhich blog. and now you’re posting shit from mitch clem.

    you are the perfect woman.

  34. Hey,

    I’m Geo from vimeo. I just followed this link from Jakobs tumblr.

  35. Jon

    found the site from the vimeo review and like ryan I developed a short-lived internet crush which ended because I am married and you have a girlfriend. then i remembered that it’s just an internet crush so it’s probably ok. here, i picked you a flower (actually its a cactus, they are somewhat easier):

    _ |’| _
    /.\ |`| /,\

  36. hey.
    I’m kim.
    I love jawbreaker.
    like, a lot.
    finding out how someone feels about jawbreaker is somewhat of an opener for me.
    I used to have that mitch clem on my spaz page.

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