Are you kidding me? You can’t name your child 4real?
Dramatic Chipmunk Shirt From BustedTees.com

Dramatic Chipmunk – Best 5 seconds you can spend watching a video.


  1. In Brazil we have many names influenced by english language, and that´s really weird. Check it out:
    – Letisgo (Let´s go)
    – Maico Jécsio (Michael Jackson)
    – Usnavi (U.S. Navy)
    – Railander (High Lander)
    – Leidi Dai (Lady Di)
    – Erripoter (Harry Potter)

    Now why parents do that to their childs, i have absolutly no idea.

  2. stu

    I noticed yesterday Yahoo! actually had the Dramatic Chipmunk as a “story” on their featured crapness that isn’t really news. It was then I felt officially dirty for knowing about it.

  3. rduffy

    It’s a prairie dog, noob. GTFO

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