Your love is as sweet as candy. I’ll be forever yours. Love always, Mandy.

A few months ago I decided I should add Mandy “total babe” Moore as my friend on Facebook. I figured Cho would get a good laugh when he read in my feed “Amanda and Mandy Moore are now friends.” Little did I know that action would eventually get me invited to her show at Joe’s Pub. Long story short she was extremely lovely and a rambler. (Mp3 in links)



  1. Robert Falcone

    hey amanda
    my name is rob i was looking 4 the song
    flagpolesitta and there were no free downloads
    i could find so i googled it and found vimeos
    version it was pretty funny as were most of the clips but not as pretty and funny as u
    anyway if u read this i have an idea 4 your next
    song. id love 2 chat wit u . you wont be sorry
    later boo

  2. Robert Falcone


  3. Robert Falcone

    Ello govner

  4. Chris

    hey robert
    my name is chris i was looking 4 a guy
    Robert Falcone and I didnt no where to look
    for you so i googled it and found
    you are a 60 year old director at
    RadioShack Corporation
    anyway if u read this i could really use some
    batteries. id love a discount. you wont be sorry

  5. Max

    I am very jealous. Mandy Moore is quite the cutie.

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