Guys, I think I really have a chance of going places


This came in the mail yesterday along with a registration form.  I fit all the requirements:

-Single (never married/never given birth to a child)CHECK – This may be the first time that I can say I am stoked that it is illegal for same sex couples(just incase before this moment I found myself in a serious relationship) to get married in the state of New York.  As for kids eff’ that.

-A United States citizen Check – Bruce Springsteen wrote a song about me, it’s called born in the U.S.A..

-A resident of the state of New York Check – LIVING!

-Between the ages of 15 and 26 -Check – This is my favorite part…if I don’t make it to Miss Universe this year, I can try again the next two. YOUNG LIFE!


  1. go for it. make donald proud.

  2. aaaaaaaahahhahahahhahahahhahaha!

    damn im not from USA!

  3. I would totally vote for you. Try and get collegehumor to hype it up for you.

    and is it just me, or does Trump seem to look a little bit stalkerish in that picture?

  4. stu

    It’s good to hear that you are “Check — living,” cause if not, you’d be a zombie making this post, and well, it’d probably be a while before the zombies hit the MidWest, I’d be seriously concerned if I worked in NY, much less your office.

  5. ssssssssssss…

    Is there a Mr. Universe

    oh!, no, I suppose that is impossible because donald trump can’t win always, rigth?

  6. How can I vote for you? =}

  7. Tim

    Well, for sure you have a chance. I came here just from vimeo, just wanned to say–I’m sure you already know that–you’re a beautiful girl ; )

    Are all NYC’s girls that pretty? Maybe I’ll consider moving to NYC form the opposite side of ocean ; )

  8. it’s a unique chance. Go For It !!

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