Happiness is all the rage

 Today 7-11 slurpees’ are not free at the 7-11 in NYC as we found out the hardway.

I feel confident saying that I like Blink 182 more now then I did when I was 14. When I was 14 I was too busy being punk and calling them sellouts. If anyone has a Blink 182 poster that they would donate to me I’d make you something and send it to you. LET ME KNOW!

Delicioussandwich.com is offically up and running. Amir and I are going to try are hardest to update it weekly. We eat sandwiches everyday, so it can’t be that hard.


  1. hum…i dont have any blink 182 poster, but i can arrange mandy moore’s new film “license to wed” one…i figured you might enjoy since you think she’s hot.
    what do you say?

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