Landing on a runway in Chicago

I am heading to Chicago for the weekend to go to Pitchfork. If you are going to Pitchfork send me a text(203.470.9555) or im me (amandalynferri) and maybe we can high five. You will recognize me because I will be the one making outing with Stephen Malkmus.

Vimeo from Iowa’s talk at google last night about his project, RepRap.  The video is a total bamma who was just trying kill dreams.

I also learned that googling google does not give you the address of google.

I am not sure if I heard this right, but as I was walking to get in line for a drink when a nerd came up to me and said the following, “If you are looking for love, you’ve come to the right place.”.


  1. I looked up RepRap – and came across The Bendy Extruder. My life has changed for the better!

  2. stu

    i thought you put flowers in your hair when you went to San Francisco. Is that Chicago too? No wonder the Illinois people hate me.

  3. Saw you’re heading to Las Vegas in august… so am I… I should get there on the 24th… im me at msn or gtalk through my email or thefreitaskid on AIM… yes, I’m an IM whore…

  4. I saw you at pitchfork, but I didn’t believe my eyes. That and all the awesome bands made me figure i was just hallucinating. Did you catch Dan Deacon?

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