HEY, Let’s Rage? v3.0 Party Update

OK GUYS! It looks like Saturday night is going to be major, so let’s up the fist pumping by making it the first HEY, Let’s Rage? theme party. Deets in the event section.


Break out yr best post ironic fashion.


  • Stopping eating, what’s that you say the parties tomorrow night? TIME TO PURGE! GET STARTED ON YOUR PUKE AN EVENING EARLY
  • Who wears there sunglasses at night? YOU DO NOW!
  • Sick TATs – better get them and not regret them
  • Metallic cover your phallic
  • Talk about electroclash like it didn’t even happen!!!!!
  • If you don’t have a PBR in yr hand you better have some coke in yr nose

GuYs It Is So FuCkInG IrOnIc HoW a WhItE hIpStEr FaCtOrY iS HaViNg A pArTy AbOuT bEiNg An ObNoXiOuS wHiTe HiPsTeR FaCtOrY!!!!1
I am aware that this may just be some of us coming in our normal garb, but make it a little extra ridic…maybe add glitter?


  1. The Lionel Richie ‘Hello’ experiment… Dunno why, thought you Vimeo loons would probably like it

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