Annamarie: good new!!!!! i have
absolutely zero recollection of any
of those hey lets rage photos being
taken of me

HEY, Let’s Rage? v3.0 went down hard on Saturday night. The next one is scheduled for September where we will be introducing “HEY, Let’s Rage? WHATEVER”. Sober up and save up all your doubts for the ANGSTY-IST night since the 8th grade dance,

.more pics.


  1. hi there.
    i know you might have no interest in that at all, but me and my roomantes threw a really insane party in our house house saturday night. there was everyone we knew, people we’ve never seen before, the police was called by our shitty neighboors and even our friends band played at the living room.
    this are the photos if you feel interest to get to know the rage people from brasil:

  2. I’m very curious, how and where you got the “Gaffel Kölsch” glas…

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