Sha Sha

Fav friend, Sarah Coburn has started a Scrabble blog, cellphonescrabblepix. Scrabble has been a large part of Coburn and my friendship from Thanksgiving evening hangs to pre-rage-pre-game. I’ve only beaten her once in our many years of friendship, but it was easily the most remember-able day of 2k6, or least remember-able.


I have also been working on a new queer blog with the publishers at CHILL. If you have any recommendations please hit us up. Check it out here.


(photo by Ted)


Race to blow up the last fall remaining FaceBalls. Face all is a game that has taken our office by storm thanks to fine heads at Flickr. I would imagine that there will be an office tournament soon, so I will keep you posted.


  1. islebehere

    dig your scrabble story. i feel your VICTORY. i played my BFF for years before i ever won a game. she immediately reacted by throwing the board and all the letters to the other side of the room. sweet, sweet victory. =)

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