Still, who cares

I receive a decent amount of hate mail at work – most of it isn’t worth posting. I figured I would post this considering we offended as Dave Trawin put it, “We just offended one quarter of the Wyoming population.”.


Buy IT!


“Wyoming says go fuck yourself.


Nobody cares about you either.


Go live in a fucking condo you douche bag.


Put that on a shirt (seriously).”


I’ve never denied that I am douche bag, but a fucking condo??? Doesn’t this dude realize that living in New York most can barely afford a closet let alone a condo.




  1. That is really funny and really disturbing, all at the same time.

  2. haha that’s the best. “buy a condo!!!!!!!!” they hit you where it hurts, alf!

  3. I find this hilarious, as today at work I was playing with google maps and saw Wyoming, brought a coworker over and showed him it really was square, and then went to bustedtees to appreciate that shirt.

    Please never stop printing it, ever.

  4. stu

    Hell, you found the one person in Wyoming that knows what a condo is! You should be proud.

  5. LMAO at stu’s comment!

  6. I’d rather live in a condo by the beach than on a farm artificially inseminating cows.

    Wyoming, a place for those who don’t know.

  7. I’ve spent 14 years of my life in Wyoming. It’s not really that bad. I mean Montanna gave us the uni-bomber. It is the croatch of America though. I care, but not a whole lot anymore. I like the shirt.

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