Kisses from Brazil

Duplo and I have bonded this summer over creepy emails that get sent to us because our internet personalities. We are going to start documenting them in our new blog, Kisses From Brazil.

I met a bear yesterday.


  1. Great idea. By the way, I was curious why there isn’t a RSS feed for this site. Did you do that on purpose or is it just broken perhaps?

  2. stu

    that’s awesome. now, only if it were a big hairy gay man…

  3. Eric

    I’m brazilian.

  4. Why exactly you associate those creeps with brazil?

    the message form that french wussbag was so muck worse…


  5. JA

    But have you ever received the ultimate creepy internet-fan-stalker question:

    “Are you fertile for reproduction?”

    Nothing tops this one! 😉

  6. @Clintus McGintus: It’s a WordPress blog. When in doubt, try rss.xml 🙂

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