Liza had put down a few when she met a girl named lou

Things that I am really into right now.

This photograph  (taken from Collegehumor)

“This is by far my favorite picture of the week: boring actress Anne Hathaway giving what looks to be some hardcore BJ action to her boyfriend (who’s on his cell phone) while on a yacht – and next to people! I mean seriously, she can NOT really be blowing this dude. For one thing, she is too fucking boring to be that rad and two – cell phone and other people’s feet! Cell phone BJs only lead to break ups. Good luck Anne! [WWTDD]”


This Video – A new CollegeHumor original starring the staff.


This Song – I rediscovered the song Liza and Louise by Nofx earlier today.


  1. Okay, a few things: thanks for sharing the photo. That is truly disturbing as it looks like she is blowing Gary Shandling and that’s. just. wrong.

    Secondly, I have a question for you. Every since I saw your video in which you used Harvey Danger’s Flagpole Sitta song…I’ve looked EVERYWHERE for that damn song and I have come to the conclusion that the fucking goverment has infiltrated every store, whether mortar and stone or online, and confiscated that track so that people like myself, who search the Internet high and low looking for that one track, will slowly go insane and die a painful, yet heavily medicated death. Can you hook me up with an mp3 of the damn song, for christsake? You would have my undying gratitude, something I’m sure you’ve pined for for a very long time now. Rock on.

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