All My Best Friends Are Metalheads

I recently became Facebook friends with two of my siblings and this is a conversation I found between my older sister and my younger brother via their Walls.

April: How are you feeling bro?

Christopher: I am kinda Swollen but the Vicodin is pretty sweet, Hopefully I’ll be better for Ozzfest tomorrow

April:Keep poppin those pills!

April: Have fun at the Boobie tent 🙂

Christopher: There was no booby tent! but there was a stage with a bunch of Hustlers girls dancing and shit on it

April: How could there be NO BOOBIE TENT! I guess if the dancers were good thats cool. When is your next show?

What I gather from this conversation that my sister wants our brother to become addicted to drugs and have sex with sluts.


  1. you’ve taught them well

  2. stu

    who doesn’t love a boobie tent?

  3. What’s a Boobie tent? Sounds cool….

  4. All my best friends are metalheads is a great less than jake song.

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