We Got Fleshlights today!

 E-mail from work

Just a quick note for anybody who grabbed one of the lovely Fleshlight products this morning—

Let’s be sure to either bring them home or put them somewhere that’s not out in the open. I’d like to avoid having our friendly cleaning lady getting freaked out and telling her boss she can’t work in an office filled with dildos and plastic vaginas.


  1. That’s an office with benifits!

  2. DJ

    Screw Reno 911. Where are the fleshlight giveaways??

  3. stu

    I just watched your head blow up, iPod gal. I hope you’ve come out on the other side okay.

    As for this post, I’d be more worried of the cleaning guys using the fleshlights.

  4. Yeah, I want some too, thank you!! 😉

  5. jamiemurnane

    have you tried it out?

  6. bealebot

    No dildos or plastic vagina’s in the office would get rid of 3/4 of the staff where I work

  7. Ummm

    I hate pretty much everyone who comments on your blog.
    I found it the same way most people did, but seriously, the majority of these people suck.

  8. Hey Ummm, I think u just hate yourself. You poor, sad, sad Ummm 😉

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