If assholes could fly this place would be busier than O’Hare.

Here is an overview of my last few weeks in photos.

Jmo and I stayed at the MIT hotel while in Boston to learn cool new ways to use email.

I have no idea where I was going when I saw the Burger King King mask on the subway tracks.

Cohen’s last roof party, in the past year I have had more ridiculous times on this roof than any one place in the city.  I can’t wait until we get to peer pressure him into garden parties at his new place.


 This was on Fleshlight day.


This was also on Fleshlight day.  Mo wasn’t in the office on this day and he got dick’d.


Iowa found an Apple IIC on the street and has hooked it up with Organ Trail, notice the green glow in his penetrating eyes.



  1. stu

    any way to get a large print of the Burger King shot?

  2. the 4th picture is just wrong!

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