Seventy miles an hour and the windows up tight and I am home.

I drove to work today and picked up Jmo and Justin.  Justin snapped this photo and I think I could easily double as a vampire on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


  1. I dont see you hissing like a vamp, I see you yelling like YEAH!!! But thats just me.

  2. stu

    More of a Spike vampire. Vampire Willow’s lesbian lover?

  3. kappen

    Hmm you kinda looks like a young homeless woman that staked claim to that car and then someone else got in it and your defending your turf. but then thats just me 🙂

  4. Aiden Pyne

    i would think you look more Angel Season 5. cause they had way better make up artists in that season….

    FUN FACT: the episode on buffy ‘once more with feeling’ (yes the musical ep) has the worst ever vamp transformation in the entire Buffy/Angel Series. When Spike is singing his rest in peace song and his face changes. yeah.

  5. Marcus

    The dude above me knows way to much about Buffy..

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