Notes in his pockets, rumors in the mill, phone calls after the bars.

I have an emotional attachment to notes from friends, ex-friends, and ex-girlfriends. These slips of paper have moved with me to three states and now it is time to get rid of them, but just like many girls I can’t completely say good-bye. I am going to casually post them here with the intention of parting ways with the paper. Most of these will be from Anna, if she still has the notes I have written her I will see if I can post those as well.

This is written by Anna sometime in 2000. I was a Senior and she was a Sophomore in High School.


  1. oh man, nobody ever says goodbye and truly means it.
    we’re all destined to cling onto pieces of moments long gone by. shux.

  2. haha omg that’s hilarious. left over money from the tops you guys purchased from Deb or what?

  3. kara

    this is the cutest thing ever. don’t throw them away!

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