Early this week after hearing that Streeter’s wikipedia entry had been deleted I had the idea of making a Wikipedia for rejected Wikipedia pages. I told this idea to the Vimeo staff and Ted had some drinks bought the domain and created the page, WikipediaRejects.

Please add yourself, your blogs and anything else you think rules, but some fat 16 year old from the U.K. decides isn’t worthy of a wiki.

To add pages simply search for what you would like to add and then click the create page.


  1. Hey, hey, HEY!

    I like the idea but, as a Brit, where the hell did that UK thing come from?

    Other than that…carry on.

  2. i once tried to add jamie on wikipedia and even wrote that she enjoyed interpretive dance in her free time and they said some bull shit like not enough people would search for her. whatever!

  3. Adam

    where’s streeter’s page?…i would be too lazy to make it, if thats the next question

  4. She said that because the kid who argued for the deletion of my page was a 16 year-old British. Also, Amanda hates the English.

  5. dola

    excellent reatard reference.

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