It’s not funny like HAHA, it’s funny like I told you so.


Anna and Erica have topped the list for “Top 7 Hottest T-Shirt Girls on the Web” from ThreadSpot. There is no denying that the both of them are the jawniest of jawns.  BUY BUSTEDTEES!!!!!!!(yes,  I work there)

Now playing: Piebald – Mess With The Bulls


  1. Ben

    I’ve never been compelled to comment before, but I’m really glad to find out that you like Piebald. Not enough people give them credit where I’m from.

  2. Yo! Thanks for the link love, my friend. Anna and Erica were shoe in for that post, and the new girl you guys have at Busted was too new to make the list, but she’s a winner:

    Here’s to you and the rest of the Busted/CV fam. We love y’all at Threadspot.


  3. Jawn? Is this “street parlance” for article?

  4. omg that’s awesome. i see anna everywhere. tell her to be careful and not get all overxposed like brit spears.

  5. ditto with the first commenter, it’s nice to see others that appreciate such a great band, even if they did break up 😦

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