I am pulling a Ricky Van Veen this weekend and I am going to give this Tumblr guy a shot to see what all the cool kids are talking about. I’ve been thinking about this for awhile and have had forwarding to a tumblog for a few months now. I have emotional attachment to this blog that I have been keeping since college and feel the same way I feel when I am thinking about calling things off with a babe.

I have a few concerns with hopping over to the hip side of hyper-blogging.
1-I am going to realize that I am much worse speller than I ever thought
2-Please please please let me know if I start to become one of those people who start over blogging things by taking pictures of things they just bought/ate.
3-Is there anyway to merge this blog onto tumblr, if I do like it?

Starting tonight – is going to be fowarded to


  1. except no-one can comment on it can they?

  2. there is a program that you can install to add comments. If I like I will allow comments. Feedback is on of my main reasons for adding comments.

  3. It’s the main reason I didn’t go 100% to Tumblr. I love comments. I need them. I like having conversations. So what I’ve done is turned my blog into strictly a video blog since those were my main posts and use Tumblr for everything else. You can’t deny the simplicity of their tools though. I do love em.

  4. Hmmmm, I have been using for a bit and would love to add comments. If you can fwd me any info on this app I would appreciate it.

    Congrats on the move from blog to tumble log. Blogs are so 2007 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  5. I thought I had asked you earlier about that program you mentioned with comments. I guess you either deleted it or I am confused. Anyway, here is something you can look into for tumblr comments . I still maintain my blog and have tumblr import from the blog’s RSS feed. Works pretty nice.

    Hope this helps!

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