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  1. sb


  2. zibby

    the didacticism of your “about” section is so post-modern.

  3. zibby that picture of you is awesome. and by “awesome” i mean, maybe you can’t sleep on my futon this summer. you are going to 21-year-old my shit.

  4. Dave

    i dig this mystery girl

  5. Go warriors. Baron Davis rocks.

  6. Nice. Golden State kick ass.
    I dig that shirt.
    Hi from Brazil.

  7. the harvey danger lip dub is wicked, thanks! hope you don’t mind but i’ve put it on my site…

  8. Boza

    i think i’m in love… cute, funny, outrageous, smart…
    let me know if you ever come to Costa Rica…

    p.s. I’m not a stalker ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. Cute, funny, outrageous, smart. OMG, I’m gonna be a stalker. Stop me.

    (Recording next week)

  10. Samuel

    Hii, I see your lip dub of flagpole sitta and think very cool, I wanna can talk to you to know more about you. You are very beatiful ๐Ÿ˜€
    you have MSN? or google talk?
    please answer me xD
    bye bye

  11. Samuel

    Hi… please talk with me
    i add you in myspaceim

  12. Hey, I added you to my contactcs on gmail today… soorry.

  13. cody webb

    just wanted to let you no that you are beautiful

  14. wib

    who are you and why are people sending me links to your page?

  15. Hahaahaha

    No joke, the best part about your blog is the comments people leave.

  16. martยดn

    the shine on your eyes tells me you are perfect

    oh fuck!! i didnt know it!! i’m a poet!!!!!!

  17. Tim

    brilliant lip dub =)

    best regards from Essen, Germany :O

  18. hey…
    i saw your lip dup video while stumbling upon on a boring office day. i really envy you guys ๐Ÿ™‚ great video and great fiction . you had really nice time in office and i really wandered if you guys are always having office days like this ๐Ÿ™‚

    take care..

  19. thank you for putting up pictures of yourself. i like to assume you have a nice personality too

    dont worry, im too young to be looking at them in a creepy fashion

  20. It’s impossible to not come off as a creepy internet stalker, so I will keep this short.

    I took a picture of a sandwich.

    Damnit. That worked terribly. :/

  21. Nice Tee.
    Nice Video “I’m not sick but i’m not well” ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Just stopping by to say the lip dub was great, as well as your part in “Internet Commenter Business Meeting.” Anything else like them coming up soon?

  23. I’m in the group of people fan of you on Facebook, sent you a request of friendship on Facebook, sent you an e-mail on gmail, check vimeo and flickr…
    I’m ready to meet you ! ;o)

  24. Craig

    Your lipdub video was mentioned in The Globe and Mail (Canada’s largest newspaper) this week:

  25. C

    that girl looks like you lol

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