I’m sure you’re all “burnt up” over how warm it is the office this morning. Don’t blame me: I “didn’t start the fire.” Plus, I’ve called the front desk and told them how “heated” we are over the “sweaty situation,” and of our “burning desire” to have the heat turned down. They said, “no sweat,” and are sending a maintenance man. So “chill out” everyone, this problem should be fixed shortly. Heat.-Patrick


Early this week after hearing that Streeter’s wikipedia entry had been deleted I had the idea of making a Wikipedia for rejected Wikipedia pages. I told this idea to the Vimeo staff and Ted had some drinks bought the domain and created the page, WikipediaRejects.

Please add yourself, your blogs and anything else you think rules, but some fat 16 year old from the U.K. decides isn’t worthy of a wiki.

To add pages simply search for what you would like to add and then click the create page.

I’ve have found so many cool things on the internet this week that I have been meaning post all week, so I am just going to do this at once.

Hot robo-bods doing Daft Punk.

Midwest Teen Sex Show. This site hosts hilarious original videos about how sex education really should be. I can’t recommend it more.

We have a sorta attractive office according to Boinkology. Jakob unfairly dragged down our average. Dude is way cuter than a 3

Two girls one McRib. Apparently there are parts where you can still gross stuff, but it gets pretty rad towards the end. WTF NSFW BRAH!

Dora the Explorer Soulja Boy.

“I saw a video where you were mouth talking.”

-Faith, my 6 year old niece when talking about lipdubbing


Story in the NYPost 


8 arms to hold you.

“The meebo listening party for Mudvayne’s By the People, For the People is going to be the biggest thing on the internet since Al Gore.
-Ryan Duffy

Ryan, I know you are doing your job, but you don’t have to lie or worse, make yourself look like you have bad taste. Don’t you know the only way you are judged is by how you present yourself on the Internet. Do you really want to let people think you are a nu-metal kid?

Patrick Moberg saw the girl of this dreams on the subway last night.  Help him find her.



I just came across this great site for e-cards.  Each card can get sent with a Christian quiz ranging anywhere from Abortion to Who is Jesus?

 This girl is does awesome “island style” covers of pop songs.

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