I am pulling a Ricky Van Veen this weekend and I am going to give this Tumblr guy a shot to see what all the cool kids are talking about. I’ve been thinking about this for awhile and have had amandalynferri.com forwarding to a tumblog for a few months now. I have emotional attachment to this blog that I have been keeping since college and feel the same way I feel when I am thinking about calling things off with a babe.

I have a few concerns with hopping over to the hip side of hyper-blogging.
1-I am going to realize that I am much worse speller than I ever thought
2-Please please please let me know if I start to become one of those people who start over blogging things by taking pictures of things they just bought/ate.
3-Is there anyway to merge this blog onto tumblr, if I do like it?

Starting tonight – Heyletsrage.com is going to be fowarded to amandalynferri.tumblr.com


Annamarie and I partying Jane Goodall style. Team BFF + 1.

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HumansbeingHumans is Dave Trawin and my new project. We have no content or really any ideas outside of a domain we both liked. RSS that ESS.

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With book covers like this I understand why being a computer whiz is something to get made fun of for when growing up or at least that is what happens on television(TV).


Also, does anyone else get embarrassed when they overhear people talking about MySpace in public, or worse when someone asks if you are on it? Maybe if my page was AMPED I would have more pride.

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Anna and Erica have topped the list for “Top 7 Hottest T-Shirt Girls on the Web” from ThreadSpot. There is no denying that the both of them are the jawniest of jawns.  BUY BUSTEDTEES!!!!!!!(yes,  I work there)

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Hot Rod Circuit starts their final tour tonight. They are easily in my top 5 bands of all time and will probably be the only band that I can say that I saw there first show (I was 15 and it was in Danbury, Connecticut) and their last (I am 24 and it will be in New Haven, Connecticut).

I will be at the New York and Connecticut shows, hit me up if you are going.

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This rules.

FORT PIERCE, Fla. — A 300-pound prostitute robbed a man of $100 before pedaling away on a blue bicycle, according to a police report.

The case of the hefty hooker happened about 1:10 a.m. Monday as the 32-year-old man rode his bicycle when the assailant came up to him.

“The female approached asking (the alleged victim) did he want a date, which meant she wanted him to pay for some sex,” the report states.

The man told investigators he felt sorry for the woman and pulled $10 from his wallet to give to her. That’s when she allegedly pushed him off his bicycle and wrestled him down. She snatched his wallet, stole $100 and then pedaled off.

The alleged victim, who wasn’t injured, described his assailant as weighing 300 pounds and clad in blue jeans and a white T-shirt.

An officer searched the area but couldn’t find the woman.


America: WATCH OUT!  “Friends with benefits”, a crazy new trend among college students is sweeping the nation and harming America’s youth.



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